We at GEMbelieve that we have a number of important advantages, which distinguish us from our competitors.

We are one of the few laundries that provide a daily service instead of the industry standard of weekly.
We are a medium sized laundry, which means we can still provided personalised service as well as being large enough to meet all of your needs.
Our price is all inclusive, and our accounts simple and easy to understand.
Provide any additional laundry services that are required such as providing dust control mats and laundering of customer's own garments.
Very competitive pricing.
Compliance with Australian Standard 4146 for the disinfection of linen, which we have tested on a regular basis by an independent laboratory.
GEM Laundry is HACCP accredited.

At GEM laundry we take pride in being able to create a complete laundry system to meet your businesses needs, so that you can get back to specializing in what you do best and let us take care of all of your laundry requirements.

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